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Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars to theft and vandalism that could be prevented with the installation of monitored commercial alarm systems. These losses aren't limited to the loss of merchandise and equipment: they include the disclosure of personal information that customers trust you to keep private.

Many companies also experience a significant amount of loss from internal theft. As uncomfortable as it might seem, you need to make sure you can protect your business from employees who find new meaning in "taking their work home."

Monitored commercial alarm systems offer an inexpensive way to protect your business. Once you find a vendor and determine what works best, you can get set up with one right away - sometimes in a single workday. And learning how to use it is a breeze.

With a commercial alarm system from Early Warning Alarms, business security becomes one less thing for you to worry about. Not only is the equipment we install of the highest quality, but our service is top-notch as well.

As a locally owned and operated company, we understand that our job is more than providing you with an excellent business security system. Instead, we view relationship building as playing a central role in our service. This allows us to fully understand your needs and to provide you with security solutions and incomparable service to meet those needs.

We handle all aspects of your business security system. From design to installation to ongoing monitoring, your business security needs are handled directly by us. You can call our full-time service and technical staff at any time – day or night – with questions and requests for repairs and adjustments to your commercial alarm system. We respond promptly and efficiently to your concerns. You won’t wait days for a response as with other business security systems.

No matter the size of your company or budget, we have a business security system that’s right for you. Our commercial alarm system packages are fully customizable so that they fit your unique business security needs. Each system maximizes employee safety while minimizing potential losses due to theft.

Monitor Existing Systems

We can monitor most business Security Systems...

We can monitor a large percentage of existing business Security Systems on the market.

There may be instances where the panel is locked by your previous alarm company. If this is the case, we will need the installer code. If you own the system, the previous (or soon to be ex-company) should give you the code, or install a temp code for the new alarm monitoring company to use. They should do this at no (or minimal) charge. This is for systems you own, not leased systems.

If your system is over 15 years old, it is more cost effective to upgrade your system as these control panels need special chips and programmers to tie into our Central Station.

Video Systems

Video systems can be one of the most important investments a business can make. Digital technology now allows these systems to become a management tool as well as serve as a key element of any security plan.

High capacity digital recorders can record events and be accessed for real time video via a local network or remotely via a web browser. These devices can also be programmed to integrate with POS machines on the retail level so that certain transactions are always recorded with a date and time stamp. Business owners can receive video segments via email upon a certain type of event, such as an intrusion alarm or entry into a secured area of the premises.

Network Video recorders work with IP based security cameras, allowing multiple sites across the street or across the globe to be managed seamlessly with minimal equipment investment.

Wireless technology has evolved so that IP video transmission across a mesh network allows cameras to be installed in areas untethered by wires.

Intelligent Video is now available so that areas served by video cameras can be programmed so that a predetermined set of events or body types can be isolated, recorded and monitored locally or via central station operators.
Benefits of outfitting an area with a video camera system serve a very important dual purpose… recording actual theft/undesirable behavior and deterring possible theft/undesirable behavior. In particular:
  • Inventory theft
  • Employee theft
  • False worker compensation claims
  • Safety in perimeter areas (parking lots, alleys, etc.)
Remote Access

One of the greatest leaps made in the security industry is in digital recording of video systems. Instead of relying on employees to rotate and store VHS tapes containing footage, digital systems incorporate a “hard disk” recoding unit much like that of a PC. Early Warning Alarms can also now offer clients a way to store their footage on a secure, off-site server where the images cannot be damaged, stolen, or destroyed. With this new technology, it is possible to dial into the surveillance system remotely through the internet to view live footage or even previously recorded footage.

Smoke and Fire Protection

Smoke and fire detectors are a fundamental component to any household safety plan. Smoke and fire detectors provide critical time to find your way to safety in the event of a fire. We install only top quality smoke and fire detectors to keep your business safe!

Smoke and fire alarms save lives each and every day. They help provide early warning for a deadly danger - fire! With a small ounce of prevention you can help protect the people in your life. Early Warning Alarms offers a variety of smoke and fire alarms and smoke and fire detectors designed to protect you and your family. Reliability and quality are critical when every second counts.

Cellular Backup

Intrusion detection systems can provide instant notification of a building break-in, but what happens if the telephone line linking the system to the central monitoring station goes down? As an answer to this proplem, we have implemented a backup to the primary telephone lines that would not be susceptible to disruption from weather or interference from intruders via cellular signal.

Our solution creates a fail-safe communication path from the intrusion detection system to the central monitoring station via GSM or CDMA cellular data networks. Since there is no physical line to cut, our cellular backup system is always available to report intrusions to Early Warning Alarms if the primary line is damaged or disabled.
  • Cellular solution provides reliable backup and uninterrupted communications if an intrusion occurs
  • Cost-effective cellular rate plans enable company to pay only for the airtime used instead of leasing a dedicated backup telephone line
Create a reliable backup for intrusion detection systems using cellular data networks.

Water/Temp Backup

You need to monitor the possibility of water damage from frozen pipes or water leaks along with the temperature of your walk-in refrigerator, computer room, greenhouse, garage, sauna, business office, cabin/vacation home, senior citizens or disabled individuals. Our Wireless Water & Temperature Monitors can be mounted anywhere. They transmit a signal to the and alert both you and Early Warning Alarms about the unfavorable conditions.

Employee Tracking

Open/close reporting, available from Early Warning Alarms, offers an added level of security for both your employees and your business. It is a highly customizable feature, adding flexibility to your burglar alarm coverage and giving you more control over it.

Open/close reporting is a way to track every time someone arms or disarms your alarm system. This information is then logged and is available to you anytime you request it - if you have questions, simply give Early Warning Alarms a call.

Early Warning Alarms can also set up supervised schedules. Ever had an employee forget to arm the alarm system at the end of the night? No problem! With supervised schedules a signal is sent to the Early Warning alarm center if an alarm system is not armed or disarmed at the appropriate time. The alarm center will then call the location and your call list to ensure that your business is secured.